There is oil in Canada as we have in Nigeria BUT the only challenge and/or difference is that we have a well-structured, well-disciplined well organized management system in place in Canada, than Nigeria where we have endemic corrupt, unconscionable,
greedy and insensitive leaders in Nigeria and Africa and reckless mismanagement of resources.

What most African nations are suffering from, is corrupt and irresponsible leadership at all levels and abysmally bad governments and absence of good governance.

The primary purpose of FOKUS is to change and reverse the above shameful and condemnable narratives. Truth is, we don’t have poor nations in this world, because
we also have very poor people, poor beggars, and less privileged and poor villages and communities in the developed countries like USA, Canada, in Asia and Europe etc. as we have in Nigeria and Africa. Like l said, we don’t have poor nations anywhere, rather, we only have poor people living in a nation, therefore when you empower the people you have invariably empowered a nation, and when you invest in human capital or manpower development or give them knowledge and Skills, that transform their lives, or when you invest time, energy and resources in what makes human life meaningful or that gives their lives meaning, and when you improve the living standards of a people, especially the downtrodden, poor and needy at the grassroots, l mean people living in extreme poverty in a given community, society or a nation according to UN rating or parameters, then you have succeeded in making that nation rich and great. Just as health is wealth, and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

The above is my take and personal perspective of life, and l strongly believe that the FOKUS International club shares in this philosophy and ideology of human dignity, existence and experience.

That is why Fokus was formed, and the platform created to address these global human challenges, that are not peculiar to Africa alone.

The bitter and stubborn truth is that the ongoing economic meltdown, recession, and tsunami affects the entire world, but Africa may be the worst hit, but with the intervention of God through public-spirited and people gifted with special knowledge, skills, expertise coming together in one accord under the umbrella of Fokus, and in deliberate pursuit of her agenda for the enthronement, total recovery and restoration of Africa’s economy that had been left in the comatose and in perennial quagmire of backwardness and under-development.

Again, l repeat until Africans especially, those world class and internationally rated experts in their fields and in the diaspora who are hired to enrich and develop other continents, with their God-given intellectual prowess, and professional knowledge and expertise, and giftings, until we all come to the knowledge of the truth that only Africans can /must develop Africa, and that nobody or nation can claim to love, help or develop Africa more than Africans, until then, we will remain at the same spot, but l say God forbid.

Therefore, l wish to hereby reecho and reiterate the clarion wakeup call by Fokus to all Africans, to rise up to the occasion and join hands with Fokus to make Africa great and leave it better than we met it, for posterity and unborn generations of Africans.

I draw great inspiration about Fokus and would like us to draw inspiration from Bible Genesis 11v1-6 the story of men who came together and with one accord to build a tower that will get to heaven. They said to themselves come let us build ourselves city as FOKUS is calling on all Africans all over the world to come let us build the African cities of our dream, let look at verse 5 and 6 in particular, God saw their unity of purpose, how focused and undistracted they were, and how resolute and determined their efforts were to accomplish a set goal or purpose, when he came down to check out the city the men were building he said,” If as one people with one mind and language have begun to do this, and have gone this is far, then, nothing they plan to do or execute will be impossible for them to achieve or accomplish, that was the same spirit and audacity of faith at work in Caleb and Joshua in Numbers 13v30 they were not discouraged nor afraid to take the bull by the horns nor deterred by the evil and negative report of the 10 spies, but said to Moses let us go up at once and possess the land, for we are well able to overcome it, no matter the giants in the land they cannot hinder nor Stop us, in the same vein, l agree with Fokus that, Africa’s sustainable development and transformation are achievable
and that Africa’s economic and developmental challenges, multifaceted problems and limitations are solvable, and overcome able.

We pray and hope that God will stir or provoke the spirit of patriotic and uniquely gifted Africans in the developed world to come and join forces with Fokus to revive, develop, restore and improve on Africa’s battered and shattered socio-economic destiny for humanity and posterity sake.

Amb. Obiefule Mba Ogbonna
For. FOKUS International. INC.,

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